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Original Lishi Chrysler TRUCK CY24 Y157/Y159 2-in-1 Anti-Glare

  • Item #: 9373
  • Model: OLS-2IN1-CY24-TRUCK-AG
  • Manufacturer: Original Lishi
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Use this CY24 2-in-1 pick & decoder for 7-cut, 5-depth Chrysler truck locks that use the Y157 or Y159 keyway, SINGLE-SIDED. You must pick lock first before decoding, but we have been told this is an easy lock to pick.


For Commercial Vehicles Only!

PLEASE NOTE: the current CY24 CV was designed to detect the 5th depth used on commercial vehicle however it is not able to pick the truck which equipped with 5th depth wafer. This new tool CY24-TRUCK is designed to work on Commercial Vehicles only and can NOT be used on regular cars.

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