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Remote Replacement Parts Set (GTL)

  • Item #: 10142
  • Model: GTL-LT-086
  • Manufacturer: Global Tecspro
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This is a set of popular replacement parts, including screws, springs, roll pins, microswitches, and battery connectors.  To make it super handy, we use different colors for different parts for easy identification.  
All the boxes of parts are fit into a rack to better organize.  The rack can be displayed on desk or the wall.  
A handy set like this will definitely facilitate locksmiths' daily work.   

In the set, there are:
@ 8 types of remote switches
@ 8 types of remote shell screws
@ 8 types of remote battery connectors
@ 8 types of remote springs
@ 8 types of flip remote roll pins
@ a empty box laser marked with the most popular 8 chip IDs

Remote Switch Make GTL P/N Size
Volkswagen XX-0982 4.9*4.6*1.7mm
Nissan XX-0983 3.0*4.0*1.87mm
VW / MIT XX-0984 4.8*4.8*0.7mm
BMW / GM XX-0985 3.2*4.2*2.5mm
Audi XX-0986 4.0*4.0*1.5mm
BMW XX-1187 3.3*2.7*1.4mm
Honda XX-1183 3.0*3.0*1.5mm
Ford XX-1184 4.8*4.8*0.7mm
Remote Shell Screw Make GTL P/N Size
Chrysler XX-0307 2.0*6.0mm
Hyundai XX-6115 2.0*11.8mm
Ford XX-1733 2.3*10.8mm
Nissan / Mazda XX-0308 2.0*3.0mm
Toyota / Honda XX-0310 3.0**4.0mm
VW / Audi XX-0309 2.0*10.0mm
GTO XX-0304 2.5*5.0mm
BMW XX-0306 2.0*6.0mm
Remote Battery Connector Make GTL P/N  
Nissan / Dodge XX-0482  
Ford XX-0510  
Nissan XX-1426  
Hyundai XX-1035  
Ford XX-1046/1047  
Cadillac XX-0502  
Chrysler XX-0501  
Honda XX-0426  
Transponder Case with
the Following Labels
(No Transponder Included)

NIS / HON / HYU / KIA T-044 NXP 46
Chrysler T-054 NXP CH46
GM T-055 NXP GM46
Mitsubishi T-056 NXP MIT46
GM T-046 NXP 46E
Honda G T-103 NXP 47
Nissan NI07 T-107 NXP AES 4A
128BIT(Ford) T-100 NXP 7939FA
Remote Spring Make GTL P/N Size
Infiniti XX-1524 1.45*9.5mm
Jaguar XX-0862 2.0*9.0mm
FOBIK / NIS / DOD XX-0097 1.7*9.0mm
Chevrolet XX-1205 3.0*8.0mm
BMW / Cadillac XX-0301 3.0*4.8mm
Ford XX-1166 4.0*19.0mm
Flip Remote Roll Pin Make GTL P/N Size
Nissan XX-1285 1.6*5.2mm
Ford XX-0369 1.6*6.0mm
KIA XX-1287 1.6*6.5mm
HYU / CHE / LEX XX-0331 1.6*8.0mm
Mazda XX-1284 2.0*8.3mm
VW / Hyundai XX-0328 2.1*7.0mm
KIA XX-1288 2.2*5.6mm
Lexus XX-0334 1.6*9.0mm


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