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SATURN All Up to 1997 (B76 / B88) EEZ Reader (SATURN B76-B88)

  • Item #: 2290
  • Model: EEZ-B76-B88
  • Manufacturer: EEZ Reader
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EEZ Readers are the simplest method for decoding your customer's locks. Just insert the decoder and take your readings! Read the Intro to EEZ Readers.

This Saturn B76/B88 EEZ Reader is designed to decode both locks on the B76 keyway made by Briggs & Stratton (now Strattec) and the newer B88 made by All Lock. Read the User Manual for This Model

Keyways: B76
Applications: All Saturns Up to 1997-1/2
Locks: All Locks
Codes: R000-R999
HPC Card: X59


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