Toyota Prius 2010-2011 4-Btn Smart Key (HYQ14AAB-3370) (OEM)

  • Item #: 3377
  • Model: TOY-89904-47420
  • Manufacturer: Toyota / Scion / Lexus


Works on the Following Models: Toyota Prius 2010-2011 (some)
Also Compatible With: Lexus CT200h 2011-2012 (trunk button)
Lexus ES350 2009-2011 (trunk button)
Lexus GS350 2009-2011 (trunk button)
Lexus GS450h 2009-2011 (trunk button)
Lexus GS460 2009-2011 (trunk button)
Lexus IS-C 2009-2011 (trunk button)
Lexus IS-F 2009-2010 (trunk button)
Lexus IS250 2009-2012 (trunk button)
Lexus IS350 2009-2011 (trunk button)
Lexus LS460 2009 (trunk button)
Lexus LS600h 2009 (trunk button)
Toyota Avalon 2009-2012 (trunk button)
Toyota Camry 2009-2014 (trunk button)
Toyota Corolla 2011-2014 (trunk button)
Buttons: Lock
Part Number: 89904-47420
FCC ID: HYQ14AAB (3370)
IC: 1551A-14AAB
Emergency Key: Not Included
Reusable: Yes (need to reset immobilizer)
Chip: 4D-67
Test Key: LXP90
Frequency: 315 MHz
Battery: CR1632

Do not forget to buy the emergency key with this if you need one.