Wedge-It Door Stop. Holds Doors Open So You Don't Have To. (ODI)

  • Item #: 9999
  • Model: ODI-WEDGE
  • Manufacturer: Open Door Industries


Tired of people constantly feeling the need to touch the door you're working on? Does a stiff breeze have you riding your door like a mechanical bull as you brace it between your knees while trying to mount new hardware?
The WEDGE-IT is a versatile door stop that has been designed to hold doors open at virtually any angle. It can be placed in any of 3-different locations on a door; the top, middle or bottom. Use it to conveniently secure a door in place while you perform necessary lock hardware repairs or installations.

Prevent disassembled doors from slamming shut or accidentally being closed while you run to your van to grab the Philips #2 bit that you swore you had in your toolbox but for some reason it's not there anymore and you've already checked your pockets and now you're pretty sure you left it at your last job and it just might have been the very last one you had left so now you are forced to use a regular screwdriver like some sort of neanderthal.
(Currently only available in road cone orange, so people can easily see it and so that you don't forget it at a job site like you forget literally everything else.)

Please exercise common sense in the placement of this door wedge. Doors exert quite a bit of pressure near the hinges.


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