Pinning Kit

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  • GM & Ford Side Mill Pinning Kit (STRATTEC)
    Item #: 10834
    Model: STR-7023068
  • Ford F-150 2021-2022 Innermill Pinning Kit—7041339 (STRATTEC)
    Item #: 14855
    Model: STR-7041339
  • Ford/Lincoln 2019-2022 Innermill Pinning Kit—7038551 (STRATTEC)
    Item #: 14856
    Model: STR-7038551
  • FORD 1996.5+ 8-Cut Service / Pinning Kit (STRATTEC 703373)
    Item #: 1808
    Model: STR-703373
  • MX Alpha Pinning Kit (GMS)
    Item #: 10981
  • MX Alpha Large Pinning Kit (GMS)
    Item #: 10982
  • GM 1970+ 6-Cut Service / Pinning Kit (STRATTEC 608796)
    Item #: 3719
    Model: STR-608796
  • GM 1995+ 10-Cut Service / Pinning Kit (STRATTEC 702767)
    Item #: 3718
    Model: STR-702767
  • GM 2005+ Z-Keyway 10-Cut STRATpack Pinning Kit (STRATTEC 7006412)
    Item #: 1538
    Model: STR-7006412
  • Toyota/Pontiac 1993-2019 Keying Kit (A-30-108) (ASP)
    Item #: 8422
    Model: ASP-A-30-108
  • Medeco X4 & KM—Pinning Kit for SFIC Cores—STANDARD KIT (MEDECO)
    Item #: 7397
    Model: MED-K-4001
  • Medeco X4 & KM—Pinning Kit for SFIC Cores—SMALL KIT (MEDECO)
    Item #: 7398
    Model: MED-K-4002
  • Medeco X4—Pinning Kit for Conventional Cylinders (MEDECO)
    Item #: 7399
    Model: MED-K-4006
  • SFIC Pinning Kit (ASSA)
    Item #: 10965
    Model: AS-PK-SFIC
  • MAX+ Pinning Kit (ASSA)
    Item #: 11395
    Model: AS-MX-PK-MAX
  • MPK Master Pinning Kit (ASSA)
    Item #: 11397
    Model: AS-MPK
  • PK-IC Twin V-10 & Twin / 6000 IC Upgrade Pinning Kit (ASSA)
    Item #: 11391
    Model: AS-PK-IC
  • Specialty Pinning Kit .003 Increment
    Item #: 17505
    Model: SPL-SPK-33
  • Specialty Pinning Kit .005 Increment
    Item #: 17516
    Model: SPL-SPK-55
  • Specialty Pinning Kit For Arrow
    Item #: 17534
    Model: SPL-ARW-115
  • Specialty Pinning Kit For IC Core
    Item #: 17519
    Model: SPL-ICK-108
  • Specialty Pinning Kit For Kwikset
    Item #: 17532
    Model: SPL-KWK-115
  • Specialty Pinning Kit For Schlage
    Item #: 17529
    Model: SPL-SCH-115
  • Specialty Pinning Kit For Weiser
    Item #: 17533
    Model: SPL-WSR-115
  • Specialty Schlage/Kwikset Combo Pinning Kit
    Item #: 17536
    Model: SPL-SKK-115
1–25 of 25 products

Pinning Kits are an essential part of the rekeying process that includes removing the lock cylinder and replacing the pins to change it to a new keyway. Locksmiths often perform this procedure with the necessary tools, but DIYers can also do it given the appropriate instructions. Here, we carry many sets and pinning kits that are compatible across the board, from specific automotive models to residential locks. Check out our variety of pinning kit selections for various brands here at American Key Supply!


What is a Pinning Kit?

Pinning Kits is a collection of different lock pins. Various shapes and sizes, compatible with particular or multiple locks, are available in one case. Pinning Kits help in the process of rekeying your older locks into new ones. Different locks require specific sets of lock pins, and having a variety of lock pins at hand keeps you equipped for rekeying tasks. 


What is a Pinning Kit used for?

The primary purpose of having a whole set of various lock pins or pinning kits is for it to be used to rekey a lock cylinder. Lock cylinders, when dissected, have lock pin holes inside. These pins are uniquely placed to only operate in a specific type of key. As you remove and change the lock pins inside, you will also change the pattern, allowing the new key to work and replace the old ones.


When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Pinning Kits are specifically used to change or adjust the workings of your existing lock cylinders. There are plenty of reasons for rekeying your locks, whether for safety, protection, or emergency. Here are some of the most common reasons to rekey your locks.


  • Lost Keys - Losing keys is a common occurrence, and one of the best courses of action is rekeying. This minimizes the risk of intruders using your lost keys and keeps you safely secured, knowing that your locks are changed.
  • Updating Keys - Updating your keys from time to time is also a valid reason for changing locks. Whether you're moving to a new home or have pretty old locks that need changing, pinning kits would be handy for updating your lock and keys.
  • Damaged Locks - Daily wear and tear is also a huge reason for damaged or faulty locks. Instead of replacing the whole lock, which could cost you more, a better and cheaper solution is the change lock pins or rekey.
  • Security Purposes - Locks are essentially used for security purposes. Updating and changing your lock pins helps preserve that safety and security. Think of it as changing passwords. It's secure and keeps your home safe from intruders.


Where to Buy Pinning Kit?

Access to different lock pin sets is a huge advantage for those who operate high-volume locksmith tasks and even for hobbyists. Here at American Key Supply, we wanted to make things convenient for you as we carry a range of pinning kits from Assa Abloy, Auto Security, GMS Cylinders, LabPins, Medeco, and Strattec. Come check it out. Available online here at American Key Supply today!


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