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BLACK WIDOW V2 Key Cutting Machine—OPEN BOX

$3,295.00 $2,895.00
Open Box Unit

  • Item #: 15013
    Model: AKS-BLKWID-V2-OB
  • Manufacturer: American Key Supply


Available Open Box Units:

Serial # Condition Specific Description
18058 Grade B Minor scuffs on integrated screen and a couple minor scuffs on body, perfect shield

The Black Widow is a powerful, portable and affordable all-in-one key cutting machine. Fully automatic, computerized, and modern, the Black Widow has the ability to quickly generate & duplicate more keys than any other machine in its class.

Just like it's older brother, the Black Widow cuts all of your double-sided, high security, and tibbe1 car keys, as well as single-sided automotive keys, residential/commercial keys, dimple keys2, and even tubular1 keys. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for more info.

1requires optional jaw
2requires optional cutter and tracer

Much lighter than most other key machines and includes a retractable carrying handle for convenient, one-handed portability.
The only machine that we know of with native 12V power. This allows you to power your Black Widow using the standard 110V power cable (included), a $30 12V cigarette lighter power cable, or via battery using our $40 EC5-F battery power cable and our $90 portable battery.
*Please Note: Vehicle must be running to power your Black Widow with the 12V power cable.
Strong & Powerful
The powerful 12,000 RPM brushless motor with a high quality Japanese drive belt will keep your machine working strong for years and years.
No more key shavings all over your work area! A large protective screen/shield keeps it all out of your eyes and guided into the removable chip tray. Now includes a free shield mount to keep it out of the way and safe when not in use.
Easy Touchscreen Interface
Controlled wirelessly using the powerful included tablet, or feel free to use your own personal Android or iOS device. Designed with a super simple, professional and friendly user interface. See the Software Features below
All-in-One Jaws
Includes a single, patented, 4-way "S1" jaw for almost all automotive keys, high security & edge-cut. Use the included 2-way "S2" jaw for single-sided or double-sided edge-cut keys. No extra adapters or jaws to buy and swap like most other machines require.
It may sound like a small thing, but tool storage is so important with modern key machines. Use the integrated storage compartment to keep all of your cutters, tracers and other accessories safe and in one place.
Included in the Black Widow mobile app is a fantastic Favorites menu that gives skilled locksmiths the fastest way to find keys quickly, as well as a Cut History screen that chronologically shows all of the work you've done in the past, including key types, key cuts, and searchable notes.
Continuous Improvements
Because this machine is developed by locksmiths here in America, we are continuously adding new features, new key types, and new improvements. Who else does that?
Developed & Supported in America
Product development, technical support and repairs are performed right here in America (in the Pacific Time Zone).


Easy and Effective Search
Find your key type in 6 different ways:
(1) vehicle search by year/make/model
(2) keyword search using Ilco EZ or Silca key names
(3) search by Triton/Black Widow card #
(4) search by HPC Blitz card #
(5) search by Instacode card #
(6) use the Favorites menu for the FASTEST way of getting to your most commonly used keys.
The Favorites menu is our favorite way of using this machine. After adding your most commonly used key types, you can get to the cutting screen in TWO CLICKS! ADDED BONUS: Use the same mobile device across multiple machines (including Tritons!) and you have access to your same, personalized Favorites!
Cut History
All of your work is saved to your Cut History for easy reference later, including the key type and the cuts you used, all shown in chronological order. Yes, you can delete individual records if you need to. NEW: Now you can add notes like customer number, VIN, or invoice number to search for later. ADDED BONUS: Use the same mobile device across multiple machines (including Tritons!) and you have access to all of your Cut History, no matter which machine you cut it on!
Custom Key Profiles
Did someone release a new key type to the market that isn't in the database yet? Your machine is FUTURE-PROOFED with the ability to build your own custom key types into the system (not available for dimple type keys). ADDED BONUS: Use the same mobile device across multiple machines (including Tritons!) and you have access to all of your custom key types, no matter which machine you cut it on!
Decode by Photo
Take a picture of your key with your mobile device and visually decode it yourself. Especially useful when you need to decode non-conductive keys (ex: aluminum or plastic) or when dealing with extremely worn keys (ex: Ford H75). Note that this is a feature that wouldn't be possible on machines that have integrated touch screens.
Trace Duplication
Trying to duplicate a key you can't find or don't know the name of? This feature allows you to copy keys by just telling the machine what TYPE of key it is (single-sided edge-cut, double-sided edge-cut, single external laser-cut, double external laser-cut, internal laser-cut, or tubular) and it will "feel" its way around the key and figure out the rest for you.
Progressioning (Fill)
You know some, but not all, of the cuts on your customer's key? Enter the info you know (key type and some cuts) and the software gives you the possibilities for the unknown cuts to help make a fully working key. (Internet connection required)
Comprehensive Key Code Database
Quickly converts your code to cuts—automotive, commercial, and residential all included. No other software needed! (Internet connection required)
Support for Decimals (Fractional Cuts)
When extra accuracy is needed, the Black Widow app gives you the ability to use decimals for inputting depths. When duplicating, turn on decimals/rounding to duplicate a customer's key exactly, or turn it off to bring their key back to factory original.
Adjustable Cutting Depth
All machines of this type seem to have problems with webbing thicknesses sometimes, that thin sliver of metal left uncut between both sides of the key. Especially with Honda high security keys, thick webbing can stop the key from entering the lock and maybe even damage the wafers. No longer do you need to shim the key to thin the webbing. Just increase your cutting depth on the cutting screen and get the job done.
Choose Between Plunge or Contour Cutting
Contour cutting (sometimes called laser cutting) an edge-cut key can leave your key functional but looking funny. It will work just fine, and in fact it is much easier and faster to copy on a duplicator, but old ladies look at the key and think it won't work. The Black Widow gives you the option of plunge cutting, leaving your key looking like it was cut by a traditional cutting wheel.
Easy & FREE Wireless Updates
Updates are included for the life of the machine, and because the Black Widow uses a mobile app to operate, updates are performed automatically in the background without you even noticing.


Cuts over 99% of all commercially available car and motorcycle keys
High Security Keys: YES
Edge-Cut Keys:
Edge-Cut Keys:
6-Cut & 8-Cut
Tibbe Keys:
Dimple Keys: YES2
Tubular Keys: YES1


Does the Black Widow require an Internet connection? If you need to convert a key code to cuts or do some progressioning, then yes. But all other features can be performed just fine without a connection to the Internet.
Does the Black Widow use tools to change parts? Jaws can be swapped without any tools—just loosen the thumb screw and slide the jaws in and out. Like all other key machines of this type, the included allen wrench is needed to remove and insert cutters and tracers. Good thing there's a great tool storage compartment so you don't even need to worry about losing it!
Can cutting keys using a wireless connection cause problems? The Black Widow has been equipped with Bluetooth version 5, an extremely fast and reliable method of communication for devices like these that need to pass data back and forth. Things happen though, like your phone dying, or you walking out of range to use the bathroom while the key is still cutting. Rest assured that the Black Widow doesn't start cutting until it already has the info it needs to finish the cut. If it ever loses its data connection with your mobile device during cutting, your key will be undamaged, and in most cases, the machine will complete its cutting process.
Is it easy to see the key while the Black Widow is cutting? Definitely yes! The Black Widow has a clear, untinted cutting shield and bright LED lights that continuously follow the cutting field as the machine does its work. Please note that, like a pair of expensive glasses, if you put them face down on your table, it will become scratched. Please use the shield mount that comes included with your machine.
Does the Black Widow have an integrated battery? No, it does not. We have discovered that machines like the Dolphin or Dolphin II by XHorse that have batteries built-in will stop working completely when the battery dies, even if you have the machine plugged into a power outlet. The battery for the Black Widow is an inexpensive, external accessory for this reason.
How do I get support? Technical support is provided by very experienced locksmiths. Please call 800-692-1898 and select option 3 for technical support.
How long is the warranty? The Black Widow comes with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. Repairs are performed in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Can the Black Widow engrave? Sorry, no, it can't. You would need the Triton key machine if that feature is important to you. Or use our engraving services.
Can the Black Widow cut the new Honda steel keys? Yes, it does a great job cutting and decoding those keys! And unlike our competitors, you don't need to spend over $500 for any additional accessories. We can cut them using the standard jaw and cutter!
Can the Black Widow cut the new VW/Audi HU162T keys? Yes, it does a great job cutting and decoding all 4 sides of the 8-cut, 9-cut, and 10-cut HU162T keys using the standard jaw and cutter!
Can the Black Widow cut the new Ford HU198 keys? Yes, it does a great job cutting and decoding those keys using the standard jaw and cutter!
Can the Black Widow cut Mul-T-Lock 06 keys? Yes, it does a great job cutting and decoding those keys using the standard jaw!2

2requires optional cutters and tracer

  • Black Widow key machine
  • Clear protective shield
  • Samsung or Lenovo 8" tablet with quad-core processor and 32GB of RAM
  • S1 Jaw for Double-Sided Keys (TRJ1)
  • S2 Jaw for Single-Sided Keys (TRJ2)
  • 2x Standard 1.0mm Decoder (TRD1)
  • 2.0mm Standard Replacement Cutter (TRC1)
  • 1.5mm Standard Replacement Cutter (TRC5)
  • Power cable for 110V power outlets
  • Thumb screw for jaw mount
  • 2.5mm allen wrench for cutter/decoder collets
  • 1.5mm allen wrench for S1 jaw
  • Calibration adapter
  • Shoulder-stop block (used for double-sided shoulder-stop keys)
  • Cleaning brush. Keep your machine clean, seriously folks. Like really. No, really.
  • Wall-Mounted Shield Holder (protects shield from scratches)


Motor Rotation Speed: 12,000 RPM
Net Weight: 32.9 lbs
Working Temperature: 0-40°C
Working Humidity: 10-90%
Dimensions: 10.5"Wx14"Dx12"H
Warranty: 1 Year


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