HSS M35-Coating 60.3mm (45°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)

  • Item #: 10527
  • Model: RSE-P-4064
  • Manufacturer: RAISE



Type of Cutter: Angle Milling Cutter
Angle (β): 45°
Dimensions: 2.5mm x 60.3mm (φ 60.3x2.5xφ 12.7x45°)
Material: HSS M35-Coating
Grade: N/A
Applicable Machines: East of Wu US101
Ilco 023
Ilco 025
Ilco 045
Silca Futura
Replaces: P-X23MC
Part Number: HJ-X23MC
RAISE Order Number: P-4064